Emanuel Wilfer Double Bass

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Emanuel Wilfer Double Bass
Made in Germany

Emanuel Wilfer Double Bass
The back and top of each instrument is prepared according to sound circles. Exclusive natural resin varnish is made according to an old family recipe and applied by hand for the varnishing of the solid-wood instruments. The hand-made basses in Wilfer's workshop are produced by the 4th generation. All models are crafted in every size and dimension for jazz, solo, and orchestral playing. Wilfer basses have an easy response, playability, high sound quality, and a balanced tone color.

No. 10: fully carved double bass,ribs, neck and back made of good maple and good spruce top; back and top arched. Tyrolean tuning machines (brass)  CURRENTLY IN STOCK $10,994.00

No. 11: This instrument is very similar to No. 10, but the back and ribs are lightly flamed.

No. 12: This double bass consists of flamed maple and selected spruce top that definitely meets high requirements

No. 13: This concert instrument very carefully crafted by the master’s hand, beautifully flamed maple back and sides and fine spruce top, which fully meets an artist’s requirements

No. 14: The master contrabass par excellence, crafted from the most precious wood to meet the highest standards; not to forget the loving and painstaking detail work that has such high significance in all our models.